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try this beautiful rue oil, pre blended with fresh rue infused in an organic olive oil base created by Aromatherapist Cara Bianca

for magical & ritual use

protect & purify your space

increase intuition

assists opening third eye

clear negativity

repel unwanted energies

banish entities



Rue is used in holy waters for purification

Rue is traditionally used as a treatment for many conditions including: itchy skin, gout, glaucoma, rheumatism, high blood pressure, headaches, anxiety, epilepsy, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, warts and wounds

Rue has been widely used in facial care, massage, perfumes and cosmetics

Rue is used to make infusions and herbal vinegars as well as an addition to coffee in some countries, care must be taken on ingestion and this oil is not recommended for internal use


- protection of energy

- clearing & cleansing of chakras & aura

- clear spaces and objects

- sacred ritual bathing (add a few drops to a bath)

- anointing

- ceremony, ritual and altar use


rue infused oil

ruta gravolean homeopathic tincture

in an organic olive oil base


size: 10ml dropped bottle




you have a heart condition, cancer or other serious condition, check with your consultant before use

avoid if pregnant or breastfeeding

avoid use with alcohol or intoxicants

avoid use with children

not suitable for pets or animals

PATCHTEST FIRST It is essential you patch test on skin before use, if in doubt check with your doctor

Avoid exposure to sunlight after use, oils can cause sun sensitivity

do not use internally or on sensitive areas or skin

do not ingest or take internally

not intended for use in an oil burner

Avoid and not intended for use on fabrics, leather, ceramics etc may cause staining

use within 6 months of purchase date

if in doubt of use ask a doctor before you purchase or use this product


this item is not intended to treat, cure, always contact a healthcare professional . the content of this listing is the story of use from cara’s personal experience in

THIRD EYE rue oil

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