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The Sacred Ritual of Yoni Steaming with herbs

Updated: Feb 8, 2023


AUTHOR: Cara Bianca

When I first heard of Yoni steaming I was intrigued (and I will say a little bemused).

i didn’t dive straight in, and had the urge to researching the Art of Yoni Steaming, the different methods, practice and rituals all practiced by ancient women worldwide, thee we benefits and why.


Yoni means Womb in Sanskrit, there are many benefits of yoni steaming i will share with you , firstly the physical Womb gets a cleanse and also the Emotional Womb energy centre gets a purification, the Sacral Womb Chakra. It’s a very ancient practice indeed that were only just reinstating the pure power of this ceremony.


There are also MANY benefits of Yoni Steaming for women in all phases of female life, from young girls who are starting on their journey menstrual to post-menopausal women who have entered crone-wisewoman hood.

In there modern world, Yoni Steaming is now referred to as V-Steam (and for men A-Steam)

personally i will stick with yoni steam

For me this practice is a deep spiritual nurturing ritual not just one to fill up lunch break time at an urban V-Steam clinic bug hey if that’s all the time you have then that is better than no steam right?


i find the best place to practice Yoni Steaming is at home as a full sensual ritual, it’s where you feel settled and safe, where you can create a sacred space for yourself, if your house is a busy one, it will give you the opportunity to ask for a little space so you can access calm amidst the frantic pace and noise of your family life, a time to say to everyone STOP

I NEED Time for myself to recharge and relax

There are many said benefits of Yoni Steaming, which people have stated include anc is said to help :


  • Relax the womb, cleanses, detoxes (helps yeast infections, odours).

  • Help all stages of menstruation

  • regulate periods and help reduce pain/cramps & bloating

  • peri & post menopausal symptoms

  • fertility & infertility.

  • After Birth: A Tonic for the repro system, helps repair, cleanse and heal.

  • Also is said to help: IBS, Endometriosis, Ovarian cysts, Uterine fibroids, weakness/prolapse, haemorrhoids, post-Miscarriage

  • Is said to assist emotional and soul healing of womb based trauma such as sexual trauma, rape etc

Yoni Steaming, from personal experience, is also a deeply relaxing & balancing Emotional and soul soothing ritual which will help you connect to your Womb-Sacral energy on a deep and intimate sensual goddess level, as you practice you are able to find stillness within your creative center, your Hara, the Seat of your Creative Power, your womb centre, your raw Shakti energy, its such a really lovely, warm, relaxing, nurturing, calming, soul-soothing practice!

Firstly allowing yourself space to soften

Allowing time for radical self care and rest

So what do you need?

HERBS FOR YONI STEAMING – Yoni Steaming Recipe

You can purchase a ready made yoni steaming herbal blend or make your own blend for Yoni steaming. Use good quality, dried organic herbs in good date. Every blend is different, there are many recipes online. Here are some of my favourites. I prefer herbs that cleanse gently and soothe your soul, be careful to use gentle herb blends:



Rose Petals





Oregano flowers



Or you can purchase from my website shop


How to do a Yoni Steam:

Here is my favourite way to do a Yoni Cleanse, there are no set rules, you can create your very OWN ceremony and can include:

I prefer to yoni steam by intuition, I have a feeling I want one and go ahead! however you can time them with the Moon Phases (Steaming on a full moon or dark moon is a good practice), after yoga or meditation practice, the choice is yours

A yoni Steam is a time for you to let go and come into complete rest phase as you release and purge from within your physical and emotional ‘Yoni’, so relaxation and calm environment is KEY. Get someone to look after your children, walk the dogs so they are settled, tell your partner you want some space etc



Create a calm tranquil space where you will not be disturbed, your Yoni sanctuary Space, light candles, prepare music, have a snuggly robe handy to wrap yourself up in, or soft blankets and a space to lay afterwards, I like to do a yoni steam near my bed so I can then lie in bed for a while. (Also think of what position will be best for you to be in during your steam, i.e. squatting, seated, kneeling)

In your kitchen, Take a handful of herb blend and add to just boiled filtered water (or boil for 10 mins in a pan). Note: If in doubt start with 1 teaspoon of herb blend for your first steam and build up to a handful

Place hot mixture in bowl/bucket and carry to your yoni steaming space.

Take off your bottom layer(s) if you need to, put on a blanket or robe on your top body so you stay warm. prepare yourself to kneel/squat/lay over a bowl, and if you can rest on a surface so you are relaxed, when you get your position right, Place Towel, blanket or robe around you and the bucket/bowl, trapping steam in (ENSURE THE BOWL IS SAFE AS HOT WATER CAN BURN!) before you wrap the steams in Test hotness of water, how powerful in heat you want the steam to be (and how hot you can personally find comfortable), allow some air flow by removing the towel if the steam is too hot for you, ensure the temperature and distance from steam is suitable at all times and remember that hot water/steam can burn so be cautious at all times. Relax in the steam for 10-30 mins, it will be nice and warm first, VERY RELAXING, then will slowly go cooler

After your steam, rest, relax or sleep for at least 30-60 mins in a space of playing relaxing music, a guided meditation, mantra music or silence and stillness. If you can relax for the entire day, evening or night afterwards that would be wonderful NOTE: some women have stated that they can get cramping and discharge after Yoni steaming, this has NEVER happened to me, but apparently it can happen, possibly at a guess this could be energetic tension releasing?


Any time of day, morning, afternoon or evening, though I prefer evening time as it is the perfect practice before bedtime and I have alsway had a great nights sleep after a yoni steam

How often should I Yoni Steam?

It is reported you can Yoni steam up to twice a week as a general guide and is said for women to Steam at least once a month.

SPECIFIC CONDITIONS - Yoni Steamer's recommend that If you are steaming for a specific condition 1 steam a week for 4 weeks then reduce to 1-2 steams a month then reduce to once a month.

MENSTRUATION - If you are steaming for painful periods it is recommended you steam weekly for 4 weeks, then steam the week before your period monthly.

As ever Listen to your body and use your intuition

If in any doubt contact your health consultant / Doctor BEFORE YOU START YONI STEAMING!

If you experience any adverse reactions stop use immediately.

Do not use if you have allergies to any of the ingredients.

Patch test (allergy test) the ingredients of the steam: If in doubt do a skin patch test 24 hours before first steam with a sample of steeped herb blend



It is recommended you Do NOT Yoni steam if you are:

- pregnant or planning to become pregnant (even though Yoni Steaming ‘can’ help with infertility)

- during actual menstruation

- if you have an IUD (hormonal or copper)

- if you have a vaginal infection of any kind

- If you have open wounds or suffering from major health issues.

Obviously, if in any doubt contact your doctor or health professional


My first ever Yoni Steam is pretty epic!

It was on the day of my Mother’s death.

For the weeks she was in hospital leading up to Autumn Equinox I had been researching and preparing to do my first Steam, I had everything ready, my herb-blends that I had grown in my garden organically throughout the summer, in between caring for my mum

I had acquired a sacred bowl for my Yoni Steam

Everything was ready

Then Mother needed help, I had been intensively caring for her for around a month, so there was no time to think about myself with my mothers needs being met

I didnt think she would die

I thoguth she would get better . but she didnt, I was there as her death-midwife

On the day of her death when I got back from the hospital exhausted and emotionally numb, thats when I did my first Yoni Cleanse, feeling bruised, battered, exhausted and lost . I put the bowl under me.... and cried like a baby!

But it was soothing comforting

and felt like a sacred thing to do

Through the weeping tears of sadness as lay there in the steam and emptied my mind of thoughts remembering and honoring my True-Self, then afterwards in radical rest, cocooned by a blanket I promised to become my own kind, caring Mother to myself.

Since that time I have had many moons of Yoni steaming. happy, relaxing, sensual, and Yoni Steaming is now a ritual a part of my monthly cycle of life, it reminds me of my sacred cycles and those of life.

It gives me time where I can go deep into rest and deeply cleanse.

It’s a beautiful, feminine and deeply luxurious ritual unlike any! entwined with mother earth herself who gives her sacred plants so we can heal


Every Yoni steam was very relaxing and comforting

Within The first three months of yoni steaming, I notice crumbly deposits, hard calcified grains that dropped out of my womb (and into my pants!), inspecting them, they had 'vein imprints' on them (some up to 5mm wide), from what I can gather, this was fromthe only thing I can think of being was calcified placenta from a child I lost over 10 years prior! YES YONI STEAMING IS THAT POWERFUL! I can say that made me realise how powerful Yoni steaming is. Since then I have had a 'Closing the Bones' Ceremony in honour of loosing the child, and have since become a Closing the Bones Practitioner offering Trauma Healing Ceremony


I hope I have empowered you to try YONI STEAMING for yourself or have better knowledge to recommend Yoni Steaming to women in your social circle.

I offer Womens Group talks and workshops on Yoni steaming and the benefits, together with Sacral cleansing meditation, mindfulness, Hara massage and Sacred Dance.

And offer blended YONI STEAM HERB FOR SALE which I sell in my


Cara Bianca

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