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Using a Neti Pot & Recipes

I fell in love with neti pot around a decade ago and find this practice an essential part of my holistic health care, i will go into detail as follows


  • what is a neti pot

  • when to use a neti pot & benefits

  • how often should i use a neti pot

  • neti pot safety

  • how to use a neti pot

  • choosing a neti pot

  • recipes for neti pot, saline solution, ACV, colloidal silver and herbal infusions

What is a neti pot ?

A neti pot is a small ‘teapot’ shaped jug used for nasal irrigation.  Also called nasal irrigation device,  ‘nasal lavage’ or ‘sinus rinsing pot’

When to use a Neti Pot & benefits

Neti pot is a great fast acting option to use alongside herbal steaming and may help:

  • cold & flu fighting: a good first line defenses against cold symptoms

  • helps with allergies & seasonal allergies

  • rhinitis

  • sinus inflammation & sinusitis

  • eases dry nasal conditions

  • clears mucus, allergens and debris

  • Mucus - great for thick mucus and blockages (of ears and nasal passages)

Start as soon as you can, when you first feel any symptoms in your sinus cavity such as sensitivity or inflammation. As stated in a 2009 report: ‘Flushing with a neti pot may help cleanse your nasal cavity, remove inflammation causing elements, improve the ability of your respiratory system to self-clean’

How often should I use a Neti Pot

It is best to use a neti pot on a non regular basis

It is advised to use as follows

  • only use a neti pot when necessary, at the onset of an illness or during an illness

  • use the neti pot once a day if you have an infection, illness or want to avoid illness

  • If you find it effective, you can use  twice a day while you have symptoms

  • use a neti pot for no longer than around 2 weeks at a time when using daily

  • OVER USE RISKS One study recently found that that regular use of a neti pots may remove beneficial microbes and the body’s own organism fighting agents and increase the chance of sinus infection and bacterial growth, as the sinus area is warm, damp, and dark there are chances you could end up creating infection with improper or over-use.

Using a Neti Pot Safety

Most doctors, health practitioners and holistic practitioners state if used correctly a neti pot is safe.  Here are some tips to help you use the neti pot safely:

  • Use only filtered and distilled water, boil your filtered or bottled/ reverse-osmosis water for several minutes and leave to cool to lukewarm temperature, Don’t use water that is too hot or too cold

  • WARNING do not use water straight from a tap! You can die from amoebic infections so DO NOT use for nasal irrigation without filtering and boiling first

  • CLEAN your neti pot regularly .  Always Wash the neti pot after use with hot water and antibacterial cleaner. Dry thoroughly

  • Discontinue use of your neti pot if it is uncomfortable, causes pain or doesn’t improve symptoms.

  • Talk with a pediatrician before using the neti pot on a young child.  Do NOT use a neti pot on an infant.

  • Replace your neti pot as often as you replace your toothbrush (3/4 months)

How to use a Neti pot?

  • prepare your water: filter, boil and add salt 1 tsp max

  • leave water to cool to luke warm

  • fill the neti pot with the sterile boiled water and natural salt

  • tilt your head to the side

  • put the spout in one nostril til it fits snugly

  • open your mouth and breathe through your mouth all whilst doing an irrigation

  • start to pour the saline solution through your nose cavity (up one nose hole)

  • let the water flow through your sinuses – through one nostril, and then out the other.

Visit the Mayo Clinic’s recommendations on how to use the Neti pot

Also visit my Youtube video link HERE where i demonstrate how to use a neti pot

Choosing a neti pot

Look for

  • the type of material it is made of, plastic or ceramic, if it is lead cadmium free etc

  • how easy it is to clean

  • its general ease of use.

  • what size of water reservoir you require

  • if there are any additional features

  • the price

Now for my favourite part of this blog…. RECIPES!

RECIPES Neti Pot Rinses

Through much personal use, as i have dealt with acute sinus issues, and also helped stop

the onset of colds and eased irritated sinus with the use of a neti pot, i have used the following recipes effectively and would like to share with you some of my favourites:


This is the standard neti pot rinse

use fine natural sea salt or himalayan salt for a salt rinse, check the ingredients to see there are no other additives in your salt, if in doubt purchase ‘neti pot salt’ Avoid using coarse salt . do not use iodised salt


Use apple cider vinegar to help with sinus conditions.  I’ve used ACV effectively for sinus niggles many times

Use 6 drops ACV to 8 oz water in a Neti pot for sinus infections. i recommend also taking 1tsp to 1tbspn in water as a drink 1-2 times a day also to help immunity .

NOTE do not use more than 6 drops or you will feel the burn!


Add colloidal silver to your neti pot to help with

  • colloidal silver is called a ‘natural antibiotic’ and is said to help with everything! including staph infections, colds&flu, allergies, sinus issues, infections, virus, bacteria, mold etc

  • chronic sinus infections

  • stubborn or recurring sinus issues

USE 15 to 30 drops (one to two droppers) of colloidal silver per neti pot

Herbs For Neti Pot

Here is a list of my top herbal infusions and tinctures i recommend for neti pots and their uses, please read full ‘herbal recipe instructions’ before you use any of these herbs


TINCTURE:  this is a pre-purchased or home made tincture in alcohol or ACV (vinegar) base, add 5-20 drops of tincture per neti pot as per your requirements

INFUSION make an infusion or tisane (tea) of your herb like a regular tea

  • use around 1/2-1tsp of root, leaves, flowers etc as stated

  • remove herbs when just about to pre-boil (to retain the oils)

  • lid the mixture while cooling to keep all active compounds in the infusion.

  • STRAIN WELL !!! it is essential to make sure all plant matter is completely strained out of your infusion before using as a neti sinus flush!

  • DOSE you may add 10-20ml of your infusion into your neti pot

CHAMOMILE Matricaria Chamomilla

(or feverfew)

  • Sinus pressure / headaches

  • both runny or dry sinus conditions

USE as an infusion or tincture

NETTLE Urtica dioica

  • anti-inflammatory

  • natural anti-histamine

  • may help hayfever

  • supports wound healing

USE as a tincture or infusion of the leaf

PLANTAIN Plantago Major

  • ‘draws out’ excess mucus and soothes, moisturises and neutralises irritation

  • use for both wet and dry sinus

MULLEIN Verbascum Thapsus

  • for all colds, fluband sinus!

  • can help loosen a blocked sinus

USE tincture of the root or infusion of leaves or flowers

GINGER Zingier Officiinalis

  • dry sinus

  • colds, bugs, viral infections

  • dull pressure

USE tincture only! only use 5-10 drops of infusion as it may cause heat!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my neti pot wisdom

cara bianca

wisewoman wisdom




t&c apply

for information only

if in doubt visit a medical practitioner

this post is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure visit your doctor for further advice as this is cara’s own story and journey

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