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Updated: Oct 22, 2022

life is contrast we are darkness and light

in between that fine balance of oneness, of unity

we are beings of light, but most of us battle darkness, our shadow, within our deepest thoughts, how we talk to ourselves, our thought form and our emotions they can all sometimes seem too out of control or overwhelming or even being stalked by fear, anxiety, low self confidence, unsettled feelings, niggling thoughts, reoccurring worries or flashbacks, irritation or depression, unconscious collective, conscience collective, ancestral and karmic we sometimes face a great depth of shadow which can result in pain if we don’t turn inwards to face it head on

on the contrast we are love, joy, happiness, oneness and here to love our heart and very soul depends on it

we are soft and hard wired to L O V E

the more love we channel

the more shadow we may see in this light

light wins shadow retreats but will always be balanced as this is a law of nature

so don’t be afraid of your shadow

photo credit (c) miloslav druckmiller, peter aniol

i like to think of our shadow as our friend, our shadow shows us that firstly we can ‘see’ our darkness and the first step to releasing darkness is to see and know we need to navigate away from it and to move towards ‘light‘. Like bats have a sonar, they can sense into the dark, our shadow is here to help us see into the depths of our very darkness so we may navigate, sense and learn

Our ‘Shadows’ are complex and unique like ourselves they are our old ‘wounds’

our shadow can be related to the mud from which a lotus springs. it has to grow from this ‘shit’ in order to find such beauty and light which it strives for every day, like us we grow from that very darkness to light in a balance and universal dance

if only we enjoyed the journey

allowed ourselves to take our time through it rather than trying to run away from our shadows

shadows can also come from many deep sources, they can be heavy, painful, intense, karmic, past life, lost soul fragment, cord attachments or old attachments to people, places or pastlives, old contracts, soul contracts, hexes or even entity attachment, with great care and deep work you can unhook or unlock these binds, for some, you may need help from a healer such as as an adept experienced trustworthy shaman or reiki master to heal any deep stuff you cant shift yourself

when manifesting light and releasing shadow as soon as we step into awareness of holding vast quantiities of light our darkness can then channel through even more light

“within every cell is light, our very mitochondria rely on it” as Dr B once said

…and that is the truth, every cell within you contains a speck of light as well as a speck of darkness from the void


there are many techniques that will help you bring in light and help with the process of shadow clearing

JOURNALING this is one sure way of reflecting on your shadow, when journaling

- allow yourself to freely write your shadow for a while but try not to get too stuck in projection (going over and over the shadow and churning around in it)

- always balance this with qualities of light what thewe experiences have brought you in a positive way to your life

RELEASE and honour what the shadow is!

where is your shadow located?

can you pinpoint it?

how does it feel?

what emotion(s) does it have?

does it have a colour or feeling?

is it new or old?

what thoughtform(s) does it have?

do you talk to it or it to you?

is it linked to event(s) or trauma?

what do you need to release?

can you release?

do you need someone to help you heal or release?

make sure you get all the support you can, talking therapies and healing during this process and visit a doctor if you need mental health support

balance this through with connecting to your light source

where is your light located?

can you pinpoint it?

how does it feel?

what emotion(s) does it have?

does it have a colour or feeling?

is it new or old?

what thoughtform(s) does it have?

do you talk to it or it to you?

how can you connect to light source?

MANIFEST & VISUALISE your shadow releasing

bathe in light

allow emotions and shadow to release

call on the archangels (archangel michael) and ascended masters to help you

and using reiki and energy healing techniques and energy healing techniques can help immensely

the more light you pull in the more you will be aware of subtle shadow, know that this is ok

YOGA MEDITATION AND BREATHWORK will help the energetic bodies align to help spiritial growth, yoga helps bring in pranic energy to your entire self, your chakras and aura will flood with light, you will be assisted to release ‘gunas’ or knots within your energetic bodies, physical body, emotional body, mental body, causal body, etheric body and soul. yoga and qigong is energy work, psychic inner exercise and techniques that are super powerful

FULL DEEP BREATHING AND BODY SCANNING is a really good technique to use first thing in the morning of last thing at night when we are susceptible to feeling our energetic frequency and what is present

i can say yoga has really helped me to locate the physical/ emotional links of shadow within myself and i hope it can help you too . i will add a recommendation as a yoga teacher, that you MUST practice physical yoga or qigong etc , it is not wise to only practice meditation or breathwork without first clearing the physical body, find a good teacher or class where you will be supported and nurtured during this time of shadow light working . i offer 121 and group meditation and yoga sessions sessions where you can learn yoga. stretching, qigonv of internal arts healing practices

MANTRA find a mantra that will help release your shadow

thd beat mantra is OM which balances, grounds, cleanses and programmes you to the frequency of planet earth where you have incarnated at this time

A good mantra for releasing shadow is

HO O PONO PONO i’m sorry i love you please forgive me thank you

check out good youtube videos of this mantra and find one you like to listen to this one worked really well for me to help release

and finally

help from the plant realm with a homeopathic tincture, specifically san pedro. like bach flower remedy this tincture can help support all of the above work helping ease this journey of release in a gentle and supportive way and csn ge taken alongside medication and ray to day activities likd any regular bach or homeopathic remedy

SHADOW CLEARING with san pedro homeopathic remedy which is a wonderful non psychoactive way to use san pedro

this homeopathic remedy which you take a few drops of when you feel intuitively drawn to, works on your ‘astral plane’ where you enter the realm of conscious experience

the remedy will assist you on a higher level to help shadow release, but WITHOUT the unpleasant side effects of taking any intoxicating plants!

namely Wachuma (known as San Pedro) ia a sacred cactus used for over 4,000 years to heal deep emotional wounds and expand consciousness in shamanic ceremonies where you may get intoxicated, but in homeopathic form you dont! you take the vibrational remedy and it will help gently and subtly assist you without the vomiting and tripping . easy

It is said san pedro can assist you to shadow heal and release of inner turmoil helping find your with inner strength to push through shadow parts and emotional triggers to unleash your magic within, cleanse and energise the aura, drawing away negativity and blocks to spiritual progress, promotes spiritual growth and connects you to soul lessona, Release fear, dark, gloomy moods, phobias, anxiety and charge you with positive energy . this tincture is available in my emwebsite shop SHADOW.CLEARING

using ritual

self reiki healing

clearing cleansing florida water sprays

ritual clearing teas and baths

saying prayers and


writing manifestation lists

can also help

i hope you’ve enjoyed my shadow healing blog please add your favouring ways to raise light work, prana and shadow release in the comments

thank you



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