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EMF RADIATION Protecting your space

this following advice comes from years of experience, practice and research to help protect myself and my family from EMF electro magnetic frequencies and 3G 4G and 5G radiation


Cara Bianca


This list is packed with general help for people starting to protect themselves against EMF  radiation and will help you if you are worried about the impending 5G rollout, it is advised you start to implement protection and positive actions within your home and routine if you are sensitive to electro magnetic frequency or household radiation


let's start with what the side effects can be especially if you are sensitive to emf, i know fof sure that if i sleep next to my phone with the signal and wifi on i get anything from ringing in my ears to all manner of side effects, that is because k am sensitive to EMF frequency

read the following list to see if you experience any side effects:

  • sleep disturbances and insomnia

  • headache and nausea

  • depression and depressive symptoms

  • tiredness and fatigue

  • dysesthesia (itchy or painful sensations)

  • lack of concentration

  • changes in memory or learning problems

  • dizziness

  • flu like symptoms

  • aches and pains (muscles / joints) and muscle weakness or arthritis

  • extreme dryness of skin

  • tingling prickling sensations across body or face

  • burning or warming sensations in face (dimilar to sunburn)

  • stress anxiety

  • ringing in ears

  • heart palpitations or arrhythmia

  • eye problems

  • rosacea or facial rashes

below i have listed what i use to help protect myself, my family, and pets and home from emf and 5G, this list is not exhaustive, and also please do only what is right for you and seek professional help before you implement any of the below if in doubt. i have not included the science here, please do your own further research

here are my favourite



the easiest thing to do is to remove or reduce electrical items


  • don’t keep your phone close to your body

  • turn off your phone, wifi and reuter whenever you can to avoid and minimise EMF radiation . limit tech will limit exposure

  • turn off your wifi at night and put your phone on 'airplane mode'

  • stay away from cell towers and power lines or protect your home if you can

  • stay away from white/green/blue lights

  • ditch the microwave (this adds extra emf)

  • don't give your baby or children phones or toys with inbuilt wifi in them and ask your friends and family to do the same


  • spend time outdoors

  • keep phone on airplane mode often especially in the day

  • turn off all devices at night

  • use an ethernet cable (an old fashioned cable!) to reduce radiation in your space

  • keep positive and reduce stress levels

  • exercise and move often to keep your cortisol levels low and lymphatic system cleansed (detox)

  • take magnesium salt (epson salt) baths or foot soaks to help detox

  • protect yourself in the workplace

  • do protest against 5G and keep up to date with what is happening


drink plenty of water that is filtered with a good filter, i use BERKEY WATER FILTER  which is one of the best filters i found available in the u.k., (and omits fluoride with the correct filter attachment) you can also create your own healing  ‘structured water’ using shungite to cleanse and energise your water as water is healing and purifying, it is said that 5G can alter the structure of water, so following this principle will help you to re-structure or energise you’re water, all you need is one tumblestone and allow your water to sit overnight with the shungite stone in the water, this creates harder water if you live in a soft water area which is another benefit of placing shungite in water.  There are also many systems that cleanse your water, the above are the most affordable methods i use, though i have friends who use army filtration and more intense methods fof me the above is sufficient. if you are near a natural spring collect and drink this water*

(*advised to test all water for impurities)


get plenty of sun, morning sun is always best, this will increase your vitamin D giving you a boost and also ‘charge your energy battery’ as energy is stored in your sun centre, the solar plexus.  if you can try doing the yoga sun salutation every morning to cleanse your body, or qigong/taichi/pranayama breathing exercises will also top up your energy (chi/qi) it is vital you top up your natural energy, in the west we are not taught to do this as efficiently as we souls which can lead to dis-ease

cara teaches sun yoga to assist you to easily gather sun energy if you would like to book a 121 message SUN YOGA


earth yourself frequently at least once a day, grounding can be as easy as standing, sitting or lying barefoot on earth whilst wearing natural fabrics, not synthetic. 

you can also purchase kits with grounding mats and blankets to use indoors and natural earthing shoes, i wear a pair of skin earthing moccasins


firstly check how close you are to power lines or cell towers and where the radiation may come from so you can best think about how to protect your space, i use a SOEKS hand held EMF machine to find spots of radiation but you can check and look visually for cables and electrical wires, fuse boxes inside your home and s as lid pylons, electric poles & wires outside your home too (also mentioned further into this post so keep reading!)


use gemstones, black tourmaline, selenite, shungite, clear quartz or crystal grid or orgone to protect and help neutralise your reuter

PHONES - LAPTOPS - IPADS use adhesive shungite slabs or orgonite adhesive protection blocks to help neutralise emf radiation even better put your phone in a 'blocker' pouch or turn off or onto airplane mode


Gemstones are a great way to assist you to recalibrate energetic frequencies

use gemstones as pendants or bracelets to assist you to help protect your energy. aura and chakras, every little helps and wearing gemstones as cleansing tools, for esosteric protection will help you when you’re sleeping, out and about, and at work etc

GEMSTONES that can help reduce EMF are as follows

  • shungite

  • hematite

  • smoky quartz

  • black tourmaline

  • pyrite

  • sodalite

  • fluorite

  • green aventurine

  • amazonite

  • selenite and clear quartz placed near any of the above will amplify the energy

  • ORGONITE use orgonite wherever you can around and near all electrical items

I offer hand crafted bespoke EMF BRACELETS to purchase through my etsy shop SHUNGITE BRACELET & SMOKY QUARTZ BRACELET

SALT will also help cleanse and protect your environment, use salt lamps or place a small bowl of natural salt in your environment and change regularly

NEGATIVE IONS look at ways to create negative ions in your home, a cheap way is using a salt lamp

  • sunlight also creates negative ions so open those curtains!

  • PLANTS are natural air purifiers

  • TOURMALINE & AMETHYST Tourmaline is a piezoelectric and generates an electrical signal through pressure. This natural and safe ions emission make tourmaline a very beneficial stone to have in your home. Tourmaline is said to convert moisturiser into negative ions and also produces infrared rays. Amethyst is a natural gemstone and like Tourmaline it emits infrared radiation and negative ions. it is also said to remove toxic free radicals from the air.


up your cleansing and healthy alkaline nutrition as much as you can and

  • eat organic fresh fruit and veg

  • avoid toxic food, meat, dairy

  • avoid alcohol, tobacco etc

  • avoid tinned and packet food

  • eat fresh where possible

  • avoid microwave food as it is dead radiated food

  • FASTING regular fasting will kickstart the body’s response to healing

  • get assistance to guide you with healthier eating


using supplements can be very beneficial some recommendations include

  • reishi mushroom will help repair cells from wifi damage

  • iodine found in sea moss / sea weed & veg

  • vitamin C for immune system

  • vitamin D (go out in the sun) fof immunity

  • use pre and probiotics

  • use a variety of superfoods. especially antioxidant rich foods and supplements and detox as best you can suited to your needs

  • also good are: ginger, turmeric, lemon

  • get assistance to guide you with h supplements, super foods and healing diet


I use a geiger counter effectively to check and rest everything for EMF and magnetic radiation frequencies such as when i purchased it i found my bed was in a high zone, i looked. out the window and hey presto! there was a load of electric cables tunning into my home within 2 metres of my head! then o could move my bed to a safer area to sleep.  I can check and test your home or you can purchase a good geiger counter i can also set up crystal grids in your home


sometimes EMF may be out of your control, for instance if you live in a flat or terrace house and have other peoples EMFS close by

You can check out other methods such as

  • using emf protection paint

  • radiation blankets and emf protection sleep canopy

  • blockers in plug sockets

  • silver lining clothing and fabrics

i have not used any of these though i have found them as i have researched and these technologies exist

i hope you find this helpful, i stock orgone, shungite and emf radiation and shungite jewellery, mobile phone blocks, pc protection blocks and more in my shop.  i also stock a range of tumblestones for grids and orgone black tourmaline pyramids

find these in my etsy shop though i have been banned from using the words EMF in listings and titles so please contact me in a private message to discuss your needs

using crystal and energy grids can help to protect spaces such as rooms, and even your whole house

i teach these skills on reiki I and II tuition and csn set up grids in your home too

i hope this information has helped you

cara bianca


i offer a free 1hour tutorial to assist you to protect your home via zoom

all you need to do is purchase £45+ (plus p&p) of EMF reducing gemstones, pc, laptop, phone shungite slabs from me and you get the FREE LIVE 1-2-1 TUTORIAL via zoom

without gemstones this is £45






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