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DANDELION TINCTURE benefits & recipe

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

hi everyone

this blog is a wonderful instructional to create a super powerful and oh so simple to make dandelion tincture with huge list of benefits and uses

try making this super easy tincture

all you need is to harvest enough handfuls of dandelion flowers and leaves to pop in a jar and cover with alcohol

i have included the full instructions below to make this super cleansing powerful tincture in your very own kitchen

i hope you enjoy my recipe

photo dandelion flowers and leaves by cara bianca 2022 (c)


one of the most common, safe and effective herbs available for men, women, children and animals (leaf,stem,flower)


it is said to be

potassium rich

good for overall health

strengthen & promotes a healthy heart (reduces heart fluid)

helps combat lethargy (physical & mental) aids digestion support of all kinds (stomach ache, gastritis, diarrhoea, constipation)

a great liver cleanser (liver disease & disorders), supports gallbladder

good for UTI infections

builds blood

normalises blood sugar levels

helps anaemia

soothes pms

good for eczema and other skin conditions, helps asthma, arthritis, gout (reduces uric acid), rheumatism

flushes toxins from system

good for low blood pressure, bone disorders, ulcers, malignant tumors and swollen glands. retards or stops alzheimer’s.

but please do your own research if you are using it for any medicinal use

i'm available for diet, shamanic homeopathy, bach flower remedy and plant medicine 121s

and now for my instructions on how to MAKE THIS SUPER POTENT AND EASY TINCTURE NOW

follow my recipe below

photo by cara bianca 2022 (c) dandelion leaves and flowers in vodka alcohol





🌿 pick dandelion leaves & flowers from a safe non polluted place avoid places where dog pee if areas may be sprayed with weed killers such as parks or hotel lawns (ie parks and communal areas are the worst for doing this!) also avoid pickinv by roadsides where they may be contamina with toxins

🌿 once your fresh dandelion leaves and flowers are picked carefully remove any bugs from the flower heads by shaking them gently or leaving them out on a trag for 10 minutes then shake again

🌿 once bugs removed, rinse and wash thoroughly in water as soon after picking as possible and soak in acv for at least 15 minutes

🌿 pat dry then cut or gently tear the dandelion leaves and flowers into small pieces, you can use a ‘whizzer’ to gently macerate them

🌿 put dandelions in a large sterilised glass jar and cover in neat brandy or vodka

🌿 leave in a cool dark place for 4-8weeks shaking every other day, then strain and bottle .

🌿 take daily as a rejuvenating tincture or save to use medicinally 10-20 drops daily

i hope you’ve enjoyed my recipe

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cara bianca


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this recipe is for entertainment purposes only

do your own research

contact a health care professlionel before use if in doubt and check for sny contraindications before use

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