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BEAT coughs,colds & Flu naturally: natural anti-histamines, natural antibiotics and more!

Updated: Feb 8


here are my proven ‘first signs’ of cold or flu protocols that work for me and my family, used time and time again, i have even gone through entire flu seasons without no full blown illness using these techniques! especially when i get the first signs of a cold or flu i will doing all i can from this list to help ease or even S T O P the nest of it !

i hope you enjoy these amazing hacks and tips from me too . i've been a holistic practitioner for over 25 years



It is best to do these protocols At the very first signs of a cold, cough, sniffle, feeling under the weather with any 'cold' type symptoms you make experience DONT LEAVE IT TOO LATE put yourself first and take time to read through these easy remedies, choosing what suits you and do them as soon as you can, within 1hour to 12 hours of first symptoms:


for early onset of a cold or flu take 1x dose of aconite 30c or 200c asap do this when you are feel like you're 'coming down with something' or if you've been exposed to someone with a cold or flu

(this is a homeopathy first aid protocol, i am a qualified homeopathic first aider)

  • SINUSITIS for nasal catarrh take pulsatilla 30c x 3 times daily

  • for homeopathic & shamanic tinctures by cara click here


  • NETI use a neti pot or nasal irrigation pot using boiled (sterilise) water and natural himalayan or sea salt flush your sinus asap

  • GARGLE with sea salt for throat irritation or soreness

  • PULLING pull with coconut oil to remove toxins from the ENT area


take a steam inhalation with using a bowl, boiled water and add whichever suits you:

natural sea salt

menthol crystals

or 1/2 drops of essential oil : tea tree, rosemary, peppermint, lavender or eucalyptus

note: you can also home nebulise


use a colloidal silver spray and spray up your nose and down throat or take internally (as per manufacturers instructions)


i always boost with extra vit c and zinc ‘immune boost tablets’ or huicd some natural oranges to raise your vit c and minerals

  • vit c, d, k, selenium and zinc are all great for the immune system


the best natural anti histamines to help reduce swelling and irritation including upper respiratory tract infections such as colds and flu are echinacea or nettle, use as a tea, tincture, dried or fresh, both are natural anti histamines (note: do NOT use old nettles, only use fresh young nettles)

you can also use

  • turmeric and black pepper, add to food or tea

  • chamomile tea

  • FOODS that are natural anti histamines include pineapple, sweet potato , brocolli and peach

  • ESSENTIAL OILS that are natural anti histamines include peppermint, eucalyptus, basil, tea tree, lemon and lavender. use these as massage rubs diluted in carrier oil

  • for herbal tea blends click here


There are many ! here are a few

  • FIRE CIDER fire cidar shot (its non alcoholic!) if you haven’t got it put cayenne honey lemon etc in water and drink


  • OREGANO OIL use a good quality oregano oil taken in a tablet (do not ingest neat oil as oregano oil can burn skin!)

  • MANUKA HONEY is an effective natural antibiotic, take a spoon

  • EXHINACEA also boosts the immune system aswell as being a great anti histamine

  • ALSO USE cinnamon, bay leaf, turmeric, fennel seed, mustard seed, star anise, cayenne, cumin seeds, so a curry would be a great food to eat !

  • OTHER SUPPLEMENTS include grapefruit seed, golden seal, pau d'arco and pomegranite

  • for a 121 diet / herbal healing class click here


  • MASSAGE your face and sinus to help relieve symptoms

  • OILS dab lavender under nose, this is safe to use neat on skin, always do a patch test first

  • for EMBODY self massage 121 tuition click here


is key to getting well as mostly you will develop a cold of flu if you are run down or tired

  • MEDITATION find time to relax deeply, yoga mists is a good way to calm the mind cara offers relaxation classes

  • BREATHING EXERCISES try alternate nostril breathing or treat yourself to a PAUSE session with cara

  • WRAP UP WARM and look after yourself especially your feet and neck


  • cut dairy and mucus forming foods including bananas and oranges

  • eat light foods especially soups and broths, miso etc

  • up your water intake

  • up on the following HEALING foods in your diet, all have good anti histamine and natural antibiotic qualities:

  • garlic

  • onion

  • ginger

  • HERBS parsley, basil, thyme, honey

  • FERMENTED FOODS up your intake of live probiotics helping your gut stay healthy such as live yogurt, miso, saurkraut, kefir, water kefir etc . remember over 60% of your immunity is created in your gut !

  • TRY CHYAWANPRASH jam its rich in vit c, antioxidants and nutrients . an ayurvedic jam which is warming sweet spicy herbal jam you can take by the spoon or add to teas or spread on toast

  • for a 121 diet / herbal healing class click here

I hope you EN-JOY the above holistic wise wisdom post

cara bianca

wisewoman wisdom .net







full t&c in my website

thus post is cara's story and is 'for information' only

if in doubt always seek professional medical advice

follow any instructions on items purchased

do your own further research

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