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My Top 7 favourite Natural vegan cruelty SLEF free make up brands

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Beauty that is truly NATURAL Is what I'm after. I made the switch over 3 years ago to natural products and would never go back to chemical based products. When you stop using regular high street brands you realise how chemical ridden and harsh they were!

All the products in this blog are my favourite recommendations and are

- vegan

- not tested on animals

- chemical SLEF free

And Yes! They work.... they are amazing, gorgeous products I buy again and again

Ok so let's start.

My favourite products are

1. PACIFICA. They are mainly coconut based. Soft, silky and oh so natural. The transcendent correcting concealer is a brilliant highlighter (a bit like a natural version of lancome touched eclait) you can use it under the eyes and on the eyelids its lovely and just melts into the skin you can't even feel you are wearing it. Their mascara is brilliant too as its so soft when on and doesn't smudge. They also do a brilliant eyelining gel cake you can apply with a brush which lasts forever!

2. LUSH Lipstick blush eyeshadow and eyeliner all in glam bottles. They last super long on the skin and are extra pigmented. All brilliant. My favourite colour is the pink as its a brilliant natural blusher and lipstick and even eyeshadow. So soft and natural pink hue its wonderful! Their black eyeliner also totally rocks!

3. TROPICS a most amazing brand, especially good for eyelining pencils which are super soft to apply, smudge for a smoky effect well and don't pull on the delicate eyelid area. The foundation face powders and blushers are also really good. Yes tropics I really do love you.

4. AVRIL a great French organic brand with a shop on eBay. Really really affordable prices. I love their concealer, face powder and eyeshadows. The products last well with practical packaging. What more can a girl ask for

6. BENECOS made in the eu. I love their face powder. It's natural and really fine creamy in texture. I'm sure tgey have other delights yet for me to sample

7. LAVERA a natural organic german brand. I use their nude effect make up fluid has great staying power and is a totally great foundation! It's very natural looking and can be mixed with aloe Vera gel for a more sheer look

You can get brilliant 100% natural primers too. The one I use is totally natural (but not vegan as it contains a very tiny percentage of hydrolised silk). With an aloe Vera base made in the UK by intelligent cosmetics.

I hope I've inspired you to try natural makeup

Thank you for reading my blog


Cara Bianca

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