Fire Cider - Master Tonic Health Drink

Fire Cider


Fire cider or Master tonic is a super blend of potent natural antibiotic ingredients. Its easy to make and a great way to support your body daily. Ive been using the Master Tonic for 2 months now and cant wait to SHARE my recipe! Its hot, pungent, sour and a little sweet… I LOVE it!

Originally created by herbalist Rosemary Gladstar. The benefits of this super health drink include many! Its super cleansing and warming drink, a natural antibiotic and can help: immune support, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic and anti-bacterial. (prevents colds and flu)

Fire Cider can also help: arthritis, candida, weight loss, skin issues, allergy relief and fatigue, its also a digestive aid, throat tonic and can help beat coughs, colds and flu. Ive been making it for over a year and started using it through the Winter season, now its an all year round tonic.

Here is my recipe that I LOVE to use (with benefits listed too). For Vegans just omit the Honey (I am a Beegan and have only raw natural honey from managed sources with a vegan diet)

If you can buy all ingredients from a good source, and use organic where possible, what you put in you will reap. It’s a bit of a hard chop making it as theres lots of powerful (and HOT!) ingredients, you can wear gloves if needed. For the Kitchen witches out there: you can make, prepare and start off the Fire Cider on a New Moon and finish and strain on a Full Moon

INGREDIENTS & BENEFITS 32 oz. bottle organic apple cider vinegar (with 'The Mother' Health giving ancient recipe full of Amino Acids, kills bacteria and helps lower blood sugar levels, so great for weight loss and to help you feel full) 10 cloves chopped garlic (natural antibiotic and healer)

1 cup chopped onion (Mild antibiotic & excellent lung healer)

1-5 HOT peppers, the Hottest you can find (Great for Circulation-antibiotic-disease fighting)

¼ tspn Cayenne powder (Circulation booster & antibiotic) ½ cup grated ginger root (Circulation booster & Anti inflammatory) 2 (or ½ c) tbsp of grated horseradish root (Sinus and lung healer) 2 (or ½ c) tbsp of Turmeric powder or fresh root (Clears infection & reduces inflammation)

2 Lemon zest and juice (Cleansing & antibacterial)

Raw Honey (add to taste) Many wonderful benefits

½ Teaspoon black peppercorns (helps the turmeric release its magic!)

Additions: rosemary or thyme - Medicinal herbs add great flavor

Making Fire Cider is EASY PEASY:

Chop all ingredients into very small pieces, basically as small pieces as you can so the nutrients soak into the Cider Vinegar. Place all ingredients into a glass jar or container (do not use plastic or metal).

Pour apple cider vinegar into glass jar until all ingredients is submerged in the cider vinegar. Shake well and store in a dark cool place (or fridge) for 2 weeks to one month (shake your brew once every day). When the Tonic is ready strain (using muslin) and pour your tonic into clean bottles to store.

NOTE: You can start using straight away from day one, even though the tonic will not be ready until 2-4 weeks, but will still be beneficial (i.e. if you have a cold and need to prepare some emergency tonic)

STORAGE: I have stored my Fire Cider for well over a year and it was still great. Ideally it is best consumed as fresh as possible and always store in a cool dark place. I keep my tonic in glass bottles with air-tight lids. I can honestly say it never lasts long and there is always another tonic brew happening soon its THAT GOOD!

HOW TO TAKE: I use daily when I feel I need to, such as, if feeling under the weather or needing to boost my immune system!