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What is a Sound Bath Meditation

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Sound baths are the latest craze... and why? they are GREAT for everyone, adults, children EVERYONE! We all need the time to rest, switch off and a soundbath is perfect as you lay in stillness, totally float in the present moment and to reflect outward as well as inward all at the same time. Sounds good. Yes.

Sound Baths are a totally transformational experience, there are LOTS of different kinds, from mighty Gong baths to earthy Didgeridoo baths and all in between.

For me the beauty of any Sound Bath is in the inner STILLNESS found, connecting with source, to Spirit within, there is only one need, and this need is for total NOTHINGNESS to happen... no requirement for words, communication or movement, just lay, be still and drift off to your inner-sanctum.

Whether you come to a Sound Bath to create space and relaxation, or ceremony for yourself, cleanse your Chakras, wash down your Aura or just get a good hours peaceful sleep, they are all very good reasons to attend Sound Baths and wash yourself squeaky clean.

A sound bath will help you to:

- Rest and rejeuvenate

- Relax mentally, calming the mind

- Relax your emotional self, releasing pent up emotions

- Help your physical body to relax

- Promote better sleep

- Help with pain relief (as the sounds help soothe your body)

- Sound baths will also help to balance your Chakra (energy centres) and cleanse your aura (energy field)

And much more!

What happens at a Soundbath?

All you need to do is get comfortable (either lay on the floor on a mat wrapped in a blanket) or sit in a chair or on the floor) and enjoy!

So get yourself to your next soundbath, take a dip, cleanse and refresh your inner and outer-self. And enjoy the journey. Cara holds regular Sound baths in the Nottinghamshire area dates are on the whats on page. Cara can also come to your venue and host a sound bath experience for you

Namaste. Love and Light

Cara Bianca

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