Start with the breath
and the mind will follow
Cara Bianca, Yoga Alliance (Senior Yoga Teacher SYT) has over 15 years and over 5000 teaching hours experience to share and guide you through MEDITATION, BREATH WORK and NADA YOGA (the Yoga Of Sound) including Mantra and nada Yoga 
Cara also offers PRIVATE classes, workshops and private tuition for all levels and abilities
Meditation helps emotional, mental and physical energy to release, thus helping release stuck patterns, thoughts and emotions helping you gain greater clarity of mind.  There are many ways to meditate and there is a way that is perfect for EVERYONE!
- Anyone can meditate (even if you think you cant)
- you can practice meditation at any age with great results 
- Meditation techniques can be accessed anywhere! 

Learn powerful meditation techniques

Increase happiness and bliss in your life

Clear and re-set the mind

Reduce anxiety, depression, stress, worry, over-active mind

Help release the mind of negative emotions

Create stillness, calm, happiness and self-acceptance in your life

Meditation will give YOU the TOOLS so you can practice on your own  

WHEN PRACTICED DAILY FOR EVEN ONLY 3 MINUTES meditation can help dramatically center and relax your mind

Change your mind  - change your WORLD!

EMOTIONAL Lessen stress, worry, depression, fear, anxiety, loneliness, grief. Enhance self-esteem, happiness, self-acceptance, optimism, relaxation, awareness improves your mood and emotional intelligence.
MENTAL improve memory, mental strength and focus.  Help with better decision making and problem solving.  Also helps with creativity and better cognitive skills
PHYSICAL improve immune system, energy levels, more longevity, reduces blood pressure, improves breathing and heart-rate, helps prevent arthritis and fibromyalgia.  Lessens heart and brain problems, PMS and menopausal syndrome
Some Techniques available:
Pranayama Breathing techniques
The first step of meditation is to connect with your breath (BREATH-CONNECT) which can help bring you into your still centre (the present-The presence), relax and calms the brainwaves, creates a healing state for both body and mind thus helping alleviate mental, physical and emotional conditions (such as stress, anxiety, body tension and much more).  Breath connect can also help pain management. 
Body and breath relaxation meditations 
Connect to the body (via the muscles) and release tension and stress 
Tantra meditations 
Tantra Meditation is one of the oldest forms of meditation and connects the energy centres and central Energy CHannel to n infinite source of energy.  Cara is a Tantrika Yoga Teacher
Mindfulness, Gratitude & offerings
Connect with your service (Dharma) and feel deep joy within your life, as you give you receive
Sound & Sensory Meditations
Learn Nada Yoga (Sound meditations) and awareness meditations (Yoga Nidra)
Energy Centre Meditations
Many traditions and meditations to bring you into your still centre
- Hara Meditation 
- Heart Meditation 
- Mind-Ajna-Brow Meditation (Shambhavi-Chidakesh Mind Screen)
My mind is clearer, the mental fog I have suffered with for
quite some time is lifting and I can see
glimpses of peace and happiness Sue, Belper
'I am more aware of my thoughts and emotions,
I feel totally refreshed after meditating'  Karen, Mansfield
Breath work and Meditation has helped me find my 
inner calm, I now come into this calmness
with greater ease, Thank you! Greg, Sutton
Suffering from panic attacks I had to get help
I find the meditations very powerful  and use them everyday
They are easy, do-able and WORK!  
thank you  Jane, Mansfield
A wonderful class! Full of great meditations and 
first class support and advice for finding true peace within
Diane, Glapwell