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Our intention is to create a small relaxed grassroots holistic land based community, the space will include a shared rural farmhouse and outdoor living spaces for alternative living (including camper van or tent)

We aim to be as sustainable, ethical and eco as possible, sourcing alternative off-grid energy, natural water harvesting and wood collection where possible.  

We will aim to grow organic food, including keeping farm animals for raw milk and eggs, and if there is the possibility animals for organic meat (or liaising with local hunters to provide for the needs of all dietary requirements), we will aim to grow/harvest/produce natural raw food and products in line with seasonal, traditional and contemporary small scale farming methods


We hope to share our space. privately and publicly, and host small intimate holistic events and retreats for friends of WiseRoots including arts, holistic & alternative, nature/eco and shared circles

Freelance Work and social opportunities will be available, and we will work on a fair-swap or donation to the land for residents basis, all activities will be in line with our core values


‘A retreat allows the act or process of moving back or away from mainstream life whilst holding a sacred space for expression, freedom, healing and regeneration and connection to the land’



  • A living and gathering space for conscious soul family for social happiness and support in individual dwellings and shared community space

  • allowing others personal space and solitude when necessary 

  • Natural Organic-ecological food production

  • Conscious healthy holistic medicinal food consumption (free from 'food dogma') 

  • Freedom of expression and autonomy 

  • Kindness, Acceptance & Tolerance for others, allowing people freedom of personal expression including spiritual, religious and other beliefs

  • Living in harmony with nature and with awareness of the ‘laws of nature’ (see below)

  • All residents are to take responsible action and agree to be an active community member including: keep the land clean and tidy, keeping children and animals safe and supervised, practicing Non harm non violence and cruelty free living wherever possible, appropriate sexual conduct and No excessive use of drugs or alcohol




At WiseRoots.Community we honour natures Laws



NATURE the natural world and all its inhabitants, excluding anything made or caused by humankind

LAW principles and conditions that govern which are binding and immutable (cannot be changed) but can be harnessed and utilised when understood 


NATURES UNIVERSAL LAW exists and is apply throughout nature: 

  • Law of relativity our existence is dependent and determined by nature

  • Law of attraction and vibration is perpetuated throughout nature 

  • Law of polarity Nature is bound by the law of duality, light/dark, death/birth, 

  • Law of rhythm everything is vibration, sound, light, colour

  • Law of cause and effect determines outcomes and results reaped  

  • Law of gender and gestation without this there is no nature, respect it 

  • Law of perpetual transmutation of energy everything in nature is subject to change

  • Nature is eternal and will exist with it’s laws applied for as long as the universe exists, during its existence, its natural laws cannot be changed



  • everything is connected

  • we are one: nature is for the good of all with no hierarchical structure

  • everything is energy, we are universal energy and animistic in nature 

  • natures first goal is self preservation, nature does what it does in order to survive, its second goal is to communicate with its surroundings, its third goal is to reproduce or expand

  • everything is cyclical and has sacred patterns within 


RESPECT AND HARMONISE WITH NATURE utilise and understand the knowledge and understanding of nature’s laws

please meditate on these ‘laws’ and find your own definition within them 


Author: cara bianca 2023 (c)

work in progress

Founder of WiseRoots.Community (FarmFam)

updated: 11 November 2023 




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COPYRIGHT FarmFam (c) 2023 

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