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These are our community and land guidelines and safety notes


We have created these guidelines for peace of mind and the safety of everyone in line with our vision statement and core ethics, including the Laws of Nature, they also take into consideration where we are in our project evolution and will be amended and updated regularly.  We welcome feedback on these guidelines and they can be requested to be modified by community members and will continue to evolve as our project evolves deeper 



  • must report to Cara and Rui on arrival 

  • All guests must exchange: full address, contact telephone number, email, show passport ID or equivalent ID and give emergency contact details of next of kin (name, address and telephone number), also any medical conditions or medical requirements, health conditions, medications or allergies you have etc.  This information will remain private and not be kept after your stay, in return we will give you our full contact details so you have our contact details and can be contacted between the hours of 10am-6pm daily (unless there is an emergency) 

  • We request regular communication from all visitors and guests of a minimum of once a week, we are happy to negotiate its frequency to suit your and our needs.  This will include general news updates from both parties (an informal meet in person or via telephone or zoom)    



we currently have the following facilities available onsite: 

  • WATER TAP access to local water supply in courtyard (untested, not for drinking)

  • CLOTHING WASHING FACILITIES lines and traditional wash basin

  • BROWN WASTE DISPOSAL (subject to instructional and careful use) 

  • REFUSE bins and general waste disposal are a 1 minute walk

  • PARKING for 1-3 camper vans (up to 7.5t and 9 metres in length) or tent and car/van 

  • STORAGE AREA unlocked dry temporary storage area 

  • FENCED BACK YARD suitable to contain a dog

  • GARDEN GROWING AREA designated areas ready for growing

  • OUTDOOR WATER TANK suitable for plant irrigation and gardening 

  • POWER currently we have no electricity power, you will have to provide your own power via solar panels  

  • INTERNET we currently do not have internet access available, please provide your own and turn off wifi after 12midnight 

VEHICLES TENTS STRUCTURES all structures are to be erected with permission only 


  • ADDRESS Please request permission to use our address as a postal address

  • BUILDINGS all buildings and outhouses are not for use at present due to safety unless with permission, strictly no child or animal entry 

BARN can be used for temporary storage with permission, please DO NOT leave anything in here  

SMALL HOUSE currently not for use, strictly no child entry  

TOILET FACILITIES Currently no toilet facilities available, please do not use the outdoor toilet as it is damaged and unsafe and needs to be replaced

please bring your own potty.  Do not wild poo (there may be hunters with binoculars) Do not dispose of poo, including burying poo on our land.  Nearest free brown waste disposal areas are in Pombal or Tomar or find a local camp site, nearest is a short trip in Alvaiazere



  • DRINKING WATER at present there is no drinking water available onsite, there are 2 water taps available locally, you can also visit 7 fountains (10 mins by car)

  • WASHING WATER we have a tap for washing and cleaning water 

  • SHOWER we have a basic outdoor bathroom shower facility 

  • POND there is a local pond near the chapel with undercover purgola (1 minute walk), nice to sit and meditate, DO NOT swimming there  

  • RIVER there is a seasonal river Nov to April (2 minute walk), areas where you may be able to wild swim  

  • NATURAL OUTDOOR WILD SWIMMING Agroal swimming and river beach (10 minute drive) available all year, this is the safest place to wild swim as it has a controlled all year naturally filled pool


  • INDOOR POOL nearest indoor pool is in Alvaiazere or Tomar or Ourem  

  • BEACH nearest beach is Nazare or Figuera De Foz both 30 minute drive, Beach season starts 1 June 

  • ONSITE WELL WATER is currently not clean or lab tested.  please do not walk, stand, sit or climb on top of the well cover thank you 

  • BOREHOLE there is a bore hole on neighbours land currently with no access 




  • General access is very good to our site for all size vehicles, caravans and trailers and LGV, HGV, articulates  

  • ROADS we have a rural road running through our land for public use, please keep it clear at all times (required by local farmers and bee keepers)

  • WALKING ROUTE we are situated on the Fatima Pilgrim route and Alvaiazere Hiking Route, we are surrounded by infamous walking and cycle tracks  


  • Our nearest neighbours have a ‘holiday home’, Wendy and Dean (UK).  They are not part of our community project.  Be courteous at all times: respect their space and privacy, keep noise to a minimum (both human and animal noise), on communal paths and roads and near their property pick up & dispose of dog/cat poo as full guideline below



  • CHILDREN must be supervised at all times this is a working small holding surrounded by working farms (see potential dangers outlined below) 

  • ANIMALS please supervise animals at all times, dogs must be on leads and controlled. Please pick up and dispose of all animal faeces on our land and surrounding shared areas immediately, dispose of animal faeces in refuse bins only, please control excessive dog barking.  Cats: clear up cat poo and provide sanitary toilet facilities, avoiding cats defecating in garden /play / communal areas.  Control all animals in nature to avoid unnecessary harm to wildlife.  We will set up a dog run, dog pooping area and dog composting poo area as soon as we can.  Please control ticks and fleas on your animals using natural methods, ticks can be a problem and will require constant grooming or application of natural tick deterrent methods to repel or remove them.  On hot days keep animals cool and in the shade, walk animals outside of peak hot times, and avoid going out at dusk dawn to reduce sandfly bites for your dog  

  • RECYCLING bins are available onsite for group stays, and a rota for communal emptying will be created.  There are no recycle bins within walking distance, the nearest recycle bins are in the local towns 3+ miles away

  • REFUSE household waste and refuse must not be stored outside and be cleared off site daily, this is a rural area and you can attract ants, rats, mice, foxes etc if rubbish (especially food scraps) are left unattended so please ensure you dispose of rubbish regularly and clear up food after meals immediately wiping all surfaces down with white vinegar to deter ants and mice.  Do not tip any rubbish onsite anywhere, pick up all litter and refuse.   

  • DISPOSAL OF WASTE do not bury rubbish or ‘brown waste’ on our land (poo), dispose of in a correct facility, we will soon have composting toilets installed 

  • STORING FOOD It is recommended you store all food in closed airtight containers as we are rural and clean up thoroughly after you have consumed food and drink immediately after you finish your meal, both in inside and outside spaces, wipe all surfaces with white vinegar to deter ants and mice.  The ants are especially attracted to sweet food (ie: jam, honey etc) place jars inside plastic bags, and meat (ie: dog/cat food) so please store dog/cat meat these in a fully airtight container 


  • GREY WATER DISPOSAL (POT WASHING WATER) dispose of Pot washing grey water away from your living area, tip onto the compost bin (only use natural washing up liquid, please don’t use chemical detergents ie: ‘fairy’) Again, this water if it contains food scraps may attract ants so please dispose with caution onsite  



  • ALCOHOL, SMOKING & DRUGS no excessive consumption, we ask that indoor, outdoor and communal spaces are NO SMOKING, as a conscious yoga community we try to host ‘dry’ events where we are fully conscious, clean and free from any drugs and alcohol intoxication and welcome conscious gatherings that are alcohol and drug free wherever possible, wherever possible replacing with positive plant medicines such as cacao, mugwort etc, we prefer to avoid intensive plant medicine ceremonies such as ayahuasca, peyote so please do not ask to perform these rituals   

  • PLANT MEDICINE POLICY we host ‘soft’ plant medicines ceremonies such as cacao, mugwort etc.  We DO NOT host ‘hard’ plant medicine ceremonies such as ayahuasca, peyote so please do not ask to perform these rituals as the answer will be no (our take is that they can do more damage than good)  


  • SMOKING please smoke away from communal spaces and dispose of your cigarette ends responsibly in a bin, including offsite and in nature to reduce fire risk 

  • FIRES all fires and BBQs with permission only, Portugal has strict fire regulations, outdoor fires are banned from May 1st to End September and all fires have to be registered with the local Council, all fires to report to Rui 

  • NOISE our site is quiet and relaxing, we aim to keep the neighbourhood peace, respect all residents & local neighbours, be polite & courteous at all times, noise must at all times be kept to a minimum and curfew at 11pm, it is a peaceful land


  • NUDITY no public nudity please in line with regular rules of societal conduct  

  • STRICTLY NO loud music, large parties or gatherings, we are not that kind of space 




  • GROWING FOOD is encouraged onsite with permission in designated areas 

  • HARVESTING FRUIT harvests are TBC with Cara and Rui (please ask regarding harvesting fruit and olives from all trees onsite before you take)  

  • COMPOSTING FOOD WASTE - a composting bin is available

  • FORAGING please do not forage locally, all ground is private and owned by ‘someone’, please access land with the permission of the land-owner only (if in doubt please speak to Cara or Rui, we know local land owners), do not forage fruit or products from any land that is not yours, in Portugal this is classified as ‘theft’ from private property and will be frowned upon if you are seen doing it, if you take fruit from another land you are basically stealing it from them   

  • CHEMICALS do not use any form of chemical on or near our land including: weed killers, fertilisers, pesticides and insect repellents, water purification, household chemicals, animal or insect traps, poisons etc As well as household, cleaning chemicals.  If you are taking medication please do not use the composting toilet as drugs are chemicals that may not be broken down  

  • PEST CONTROL we prefer natural wildlife to not be called pests, and for us to take responsibility and do everything we can to ensure wild animals cannot access our food or destroy our possessions, some local animals that may have the potential to become ‘pests’ if encouraged (with food and nesting) include: ants, hornets, wasps, mice and rats, and may include weasels, wild cats and foxes.  To help nip things in the bud, please clear away food, seeds and nesting opportunities and keep temptation out of their way. We prefer to use natural and/or humane deterrent methods which include holistic pest repellants, but if populations do increase beyond a safe limit we will have no other option but to take action so please do your bit.  Please do not feed wild life, they have a bountiful supply of food.   



  • WILDLIFE that can cause problems especially in summer months march to July include: ants (they will bite you, your dog and may ransack your food areas including kitchen, cupboards, jars, packets, fridge, toolbox, picnics etc), Sandflies (present in rural areas), ticks (they generally like dogs, but not humans), mosquitos (they love humans height of season is march to sept), wasps, hornets, asian hornet, snakes and scorpions and possibly fire salamanders (can be poisonous to small animals) and watch out for processionary caterpillars (nests on pine trees, though we have not seen any nests in the immediate local area), wild boars when they have babies can be dangerous to dogs and may charge, also If you have a small dog or cat, please be vigilant to overhead raptors (large birds of prey) which can lift small animals for prey that are the ‘size of a large chicken or baby goat’.  Also be aware Portuguese dogs, including hunting dogs may roam free on the rare occasion, some may or may not be friendly,  at present we have a reported 3 dogs living loose in woodland by a house near us that are reportedly not dangerous

  • WILD SWIMMING the nearest safe outdoor all year natural designated area for wild swimming is Agroal.  Other waters in this area are seasonal, these wild water areas may have dangers as they are subject to flash floods, and may have unpredictable strong currents and aquatic plants growing, wild animals may be present in water ponds such as: turtles, otters, water rodents, fish, snakes and wild animals drinking can transmit contagious diseases such as Giardia, usually common in spring in natural water sources    

  • FLORA FAUNA AND FORAGING be aware some wild plants may look like others if you are from a different country.  Also be aware of seed pods and thorns injuring dogs feet and legs, sticking into fur and feet so please check your dogs for dry sharp piercing seed pods, if you see your animal limping chances are its a seed pod or thorn in the foot   

  • WILD FIRES do and can happen, we are in a moderate fire risk zone, for fire safety: please ensure you can collect or more all of your possessions in one go from our site in case of an emergency within a 30 minute time frame for immediate evacuation.  WiseRoots.Community is not liable for any temporary accommodation if this happens as this is ‘an unseen act of nature’   

  • RURAL DANGERS please be responsible and safe (ensure children are supervised and do not trespass on private land).  Dangers especially where children are concerned, rural dangers can include uncovered wells, dangers in derelict buildings such as asbestos or loose walls and glass, animal hunter traps, hunting areas (look for designated hunting signs), unseen shafts & mines, caves (we live in a limestone area and sink holes can be present), hidden wells, ponds and water pits with steep sides usually hidden with foliage, dangers on rural land can also include: animal poisons and baits (these are widely used by farmers and can poison dogs and cats including if they eat poisoned animals), heavy plant machinery, forestry activity and logging, articulate vehicles using rural roads with heavy loads (usually logging trucks and tractors), cattle and animals etc 

  • FLASH FLOODS be aware of heavy torrential rain and ensure you are prepared, be aware of rivers and streams may swell and burst during heavy rains and intense electrical storms can happen here also due to the mountain range clashing air  

  • HUNTING LAWS there is a long tradition in portugal for hunting and our property is in a local area designated hunting area.  Hunters are required to stay a minimum of 50 metres away from residential dwellings and only hunt on private land with the owners permission.  Currently no hunters have permission to hunt on our land.  Hunting season runs from September to March.  All hunters must have a licence to hunt and pass strict tests, though there are gunshot incidents, if walking in hunting season ensure you wear bright colours (hi-viz) on you and your dog and always keep your dog in a lead and do not wander off of designated walking areas.  We have at least 3 active hunting lodges near us and a hunting club in the next valley so hunting is active here, thought we have not found any discarded bullet casings.  




  • SINGLE USE PLASTICS we ask these are avoided where possible, or reused  

  • REDUCE REUSE our pledge is to live as ethically and sustainably as possible  

  • RECYCLE we aim to recycle all unwanted or unusable textiles, glass, plastics and paper/card at designated recycle centres

  • ENERGY where possible we will choose off grid energy, though our project may not be entirely 100% off grid   

  • WATER we will conserve water and where possible we will source natural water 




  • STAYS we welcome donation based stays 


  • WORK STAYS are welcomed for anyone travelling in a self contained vehicle, we welcome exchange in work for stays which are negotiable.  

  • FREELANCE private or paid work, or running a business from our site must be declared to Cara and Rui before being undertaken

  • DONATIONS are always welcome, we will offer free gifts in return for donations (see vision statement)



  • PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY you agree to take full responsibility for your own actions and health, including the health of others and animals in your care whilst on our land, if you are working freelance in exchange for your accommodation you agree to take out insurance and medical insurance to cover yourself as FarmFam is not liable for any injury, accidents or loss to you or your possessions, including vehicles whilst onsite, this includes damage, injury or loss of possessions from theft, damage or loss, fire, flood or other natural disaster or natural accidents including fires, floods, earthquakes, sinkholes, electrical storms etc.  

  • You agree to carry out work within your own limitations and have relevant experience and/or qualifications to safely do what you have agreed do, this includes all work, gardening, maintenance, building, project work and other work etc

  • You agree you are healthy and fit to complete any tasks you do and are of sound mind, and you have disclosed any medical conditions that may affect any activities you carry out 

  • You agree Cara and Rui have looked at all areas of ’due diligence’ and advised you to the best of their knowledge and you take full responsibility from herein 

  • You agree  if you have any reason you have full rights to refuse any work or task if you feel it is inappropriate for you and you there is no mandatory tasks 

  • You are responsible for your own safety and safety equipment, including footwear, gloves, eye protections, masks etc and safety of machinery you use, including any qualifications you require to  use them 

  • YOUR POSSESSIONS AND PROPERTY ARE AT YOUR OWN RISK - WiseRoots.Community is not liable for loss, theft or damage of any kind, including natural disasters (such as fire, flood, lightning, quakes, sinkholes, trees falling etc) during your stay, including all possessions, tools, structures, plants, agricultural or work equipment, vehicles, animals and any other possessions not listed here etc .  


  • OTHERS PROPERTY you are responsible for any damage to others property including loss theft or damage, you agree to pay for any damage and WiseRoots.Community is not responsible 

  • PROPERTY OF WISEROOTS you are are liable to pay for any damage to property or possessions at FarmFam






SIGNED________________ DATE _______


cara foulkes 

& rui verissimo 

WiseRoots.Community (formerly FarmFam)

last updated: May 2023 


Please email us back with your signature and dated signed contract 


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