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The trade of gemstones is as ancient as mankind itself, we have traded gemstones through global routes for centuries as they are so precious and beautiful it would be hard not to! And we all love the beauty and mystical metaphysics of gemstones to this day, their mesmerising appeal is within our DNA to love them. Gemstones were the first chemical structure to form on Earth, almost like the earth ‘gave birth to them first’ before plants, animals and humans, I always think they are the 'first-borns' of Planet Earth, within Gaia's Womb, she created such beauty for us to use, and these gemstones ooze vibrational energy for us humans to tap into on a daily basis, though as there is a huge rise in the interest in gemstones, it is important to look at ethics and sustainability. As the gemstone market floods with 'fakes from China' it is more important than ever to be aware of where and how your gemstones are acquired


For those who believe the Earth is being 'ravaged' by the mining of gemstones I would like to put some things straight. Firstly, the Earth’s ocean covers 70.9% of the earth’s surface, and the gemstones that are mined are from the remaining 29.1% of land mass, which leaves an amazing two thirds of the earths surface that remain UNTOUCHED and full of gemstones underneath! 

What is mined is still present, it is mined to sit on the surface of our beloved planet, being held by 'Crystal Keepers' who can channel and connect to their crystals and gemstones' ancient wisdom.   Children and adults alike can look at, collect and behold the wonders of Mother Earth and get excited falling in love with the crystal kingdom and its science 'Geology' in whatever way it touches their soul.  


At MalalalaUK it is my aim to offer consciously sourced and created gemstones from around the globe to create a raised light vibration for all to benefit as we enter into a new phase of human existence

So lets look a little closer at ETHICS and ENVIRONMENT:


MalalalaUK tries to source ‘as ethically sourced gemstones and Jewellery’ as possible (as most things cannot be 100% ethical but I do strive to be as ethical as I can be). It is just as important to me as it is to you to source items that I sell from as reputable sources as possible and it is my aim to work with as many suppliers and wholesalers who have the following ethics:

- ENVIRONMENTAL I work directly with traders who specialise trading directly from the mines involved in Crystal Mining which vary from Hand collected specimens from both within the UK and Globally, including gemstones collected from the surface (including in caves) and from small hand dug pits to larger quarries that are still tiny compared with the massive quarries created by digging for building materials and other industrial uses. We all use these industrial minerals in our every day lives and this has a huge impact on the environment compared to the mining of crystals, such as aggregate, minerals and metals for commerce, used in nearly everything from building materials to beauty products. Most of my wholesalers ship by sea to lessen the impact of air travel. Also MalalalaUK aim to offset carbon footprints by donating to treesisters to plant trees and average donating to plant at least 15 trees a month through community projects globally

- FAIR TRADE AND ETHICS Crystals at MalalalaUK and at my traders are not registered as a Fair Trade Product, though I try to source gemstones from companies where they are created, treated and mined under ‘as ethical conditions as possible’, this means the workers work in a safe environment and receive a fair wage. Crystals sourced from India are in general more difficult to give fair trade status as the work customs and culture of india is unique and has to be respected, gemstones are often polished and worked on by communities, families and outworkers in the home environment. It is tradition for families, generally fathers who pass on their skill to school age children in an informal family environment before they go on to practice the skill on leaving school. With this in mind, it is difficult to say with 100% certainty that no young person has ever touched a crystal, however I am assured that it is certainly not common practice. It is then for us to accept the customs of a culture which is different to ours whilst maintaining trust by dealing with small companies that can give assurance that no one works against their will.

i hope this has been interesting and enlightening journey into the world of gemstones

Thank you

Cara Amirah

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