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OnenessWithEarth is a Project co-created by Cara & Rui, who are Keepers of land called ‘The Valley’

We are shouting out with a CALL TO ACTION for you to help us manifest an amazing community space




  • GREEN OPPORTUNITY to create opportunities for new ways of living in an offgrid and rural, peaceful natural environment, that provide accessible opportunities within the community for helpers and change-makers

  • CLEAN FOOD creating opportunities within ‘Nature’s Law’ to grow, cultivate and forage for Food and Medicinal plants 

  • PERMACULTURE and intuitive gardening  using natural and organic growing, harvesting and processing techniques

  • HONOURING SEASONAL ALIVENESS through seasonal alignment practice methods such as Farmers Almanac wisdom and holding circles 

  • NATURAL HOLISTIC LIVING in a healthy environment for exploration with nature and deep ecology

  • PEACEFUL LIVING creating a held space to live in Peace in a Non violent environment including all sentient life including animals and promoting plant based living   

  • TWINNED COMMUNITY we want to manifest an exchangeable community opportunity, for our project to be twinned and human skills and opportunities created to share between the projects 


OUR COMMUNITY ETHICS have been created from our past community living experiences and have allowed us to directly experience and know what it is we want to create for our community project: 

  • EQUALITY Manifesting a non-hierarchical space for co-creation 

  • FAIR EXCHANGE means we are committed to providing authentic exchange of  ‘service, time, experience, product etc exchange’ both directly in project and within the local community and surrounding areas, thereafter cash 

  • CYCLICAL LIVING and creating a space where all can share their offerings including a Circle Space for open communication of experience, creation, crafts and story telling   



Our project is NATURE BASED, universalist and guided with the seasonal cycles of nature, honouring the seasonal junctures on the Wheel of the Year.  Allowing our space to be a reflection of our Inner Temple reflecting to our Outer Temple, Nature.   We use ceremony from all religious tradition within a soulful multi-faith community, and include daily practices for body, mind and Spirit.  Including following the guidance of Meditational Yoga Neo Tantra Practice, mindful movement and body wisdom practices of Yoga and Qigong. 





  • FOREST LODGE AND COMMUNITY AREA A space to offer community events and immerse in the deep energy of  forest space and healing energy of Trees  

  • STREAMSIDE COMMUNITY AREA To create a platform near the stream side to be used for workshops and community events of all kinds connecting everyone to the sights and sounds of the healing waters   

  • RE-GENERATING WOODLAND Create new areas and regenerate existing areas of woodland to traditional native environmentally protected trees 

  • EXTENDED COMMUNITY AREA to create a space next to the Main Community Lodge from recycled wood pallets where we can host larger community gatherings and events 

  • PERMACULTURE growing areas, including vegetable garden, food forest in the orchard, medicinal herb cultivation garden, grain fields and stream-side fruit forest 

  • ORCHARD REGENERATION to regenerate an existing Orchard space with a potential for a community space in this beautiful area 

  • FOOD UTILISATION we hope to use our harvests, cultivated and wild grown herbs for accessible healthy clean food for the community and hope to offer the following activities at onenesswithearth:  medicinal plant garden medicine walks, community food and natural medicine events, plant based eating events, food preservation: preserving, drying fruit and herbs, medicine and tincture making (cara is a community herbalist) fermented food making and storing foods:  brining, pickling, making jams etc.  Also hosting Holistic nature based not for profit events such as  yoga, qigong & dance, meditation, natural year circles, and more 

  • CLEAN WATERS a creation and renovation of water collection tanks, water well, water ways, and areas for use of wild water collection, water irrigation and wild bathing 

  • ANIMALS once we have established some foundations we are hoping to venture out into the creation of space for animals to assist in land regeneration (any animals will not be reared for human consumption)

  • HUMANURE Composting toilets where we can collect and recycle what we need to 



  • PLANTING TREES Procuring native trees and fruit bearing trees and shrubs to create afood forests and renovate the land 

  • EXPANDING THE LAND we would like to purchase neighbouring land and expand in order to create new areas for human and animal use.  The land either side is neglected and we are hoping to become the new land guardians with your help  

  • COMMUNITY LODGE MAINTENANCE we need to renovate the offgrid water supply for the kitchen & bathroom  

  • BORDER ESTABLISHMENT we require help with creating borders using both traditional fencing and ‘eco-borders’ hedges including hedge laying and established hedge management and possibly dry stone walling in some areas  

  • LAND EQUIPMENT to help us land manage we are wanting to procure some eco land maintenance land clearing equipment to use for regenerative farming processes such as soil management, grass meadow management and small holding logistics  

  • WATER IRRIGATION AND DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM to help manage water on the land, for irrigation, drinking and bathing 

  • COMPOST TOILET we already have an offgrid eco toilet in the lodge, we are hoping to create an additional much needed composting toilet on the land    

  • ANIMAL PENS AND COOPS, after the above are established, we are hoping to create space(s) for animal dwellings, with the intention to welcome locally rescued animals 





CARA is an Integrated Holistic Lifestyle Teacher, Practitioner and Author trained in Herbalism, Plant Based Nutrition, Yoga, Qigong, Shamanism, Healing, Body Therapies, Holistic Counselling, Trauma Informed Practices, Youth & Community Work, Adult Education Teacher/Lecturer Cert.Ed and more)    

RUI is a Land Worker, Designer and Professional Handyman

we are a ‘family of four’ and look after our 2 adopted rescue dogs, Maja and Lady

We are passionate to create nature connection and have invested our entire life savings into our heart led onenesswIthearth project

We already have established in place the following: 

  • Offgrid Community Lodge with indoor and Outdoor community spaces 

  • Orchard area and Olive Grove 

  • Streamside area

  • Pine Forest Area

Covering 1ha 


We want to provide community offerings on a sliding scale from completely free, donation based (monies go to the Land) and also providing affordable ‘not for profit’ events, workshops, retreats, working holidays, volunteering opportunities, stay-away opportunities, and many other offerings.  We hope to create a space for future generations to come and enjoy and hope to GIFT on this investment to others when we depart Earth as we both don’t have any physical children to gift this to, as we know we are only ‘temporary Keepers’ 


Thank you for reading our story  



Cara and Rui


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Cara & Rui