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Cara is now trading as:


Formerly MalalalaUK & Cara Amirah



- Training 

- Private Classes

- Treatments & Healing Sessions

- Retreats

Terms & Conditions By booking and attending a treatment, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions: 

ReBooking & Cancellation Policy  

When you book in for a treatment or training:

- this time/treatment is now mutually agreed and is a confirmed booking

- Make any cancellations ideally WITHIN 48 HOURS if the date and time of your appointment

- The MINIMUM TIME REQUIRED IS 24 HOURS NOTICE by telephone, email or text (the client will not be charged for a reschedule).  

- CANCEL LESS THAN 24 hours YOU WILL BE EXPECTED TO PAY THE FULL COST WITHIN 14 DAYS unless you have a valid reason why you cannot attend your training or appointment 

- Cancellation fees may be waived at the therapist’s discretion.  

- If the therapist, due to illness or emergency is unable to carry out your treatment, you will be notified as soon as possible, and an alternative appointment time will be made as close as possible to the original appointment time. 


Payment Payment expected by the end of the treatment by:

- Cash in UK pounds 

- Bank transfer 

- Paypal www.paypal/caraamirah  

Bank transfers and paypal accepted if cleared on the day of treatment, and before the treatment. 

Parties, discounted packages and experiences must be paid for in advance.


Client Commitment  - For all treatments, clients are asked to complete a confidential consultation form, including medical history prior to treatment.   Clients are asked to complete the consultation form honestly and agree to update any information changes (eg. medical treatments which may affect their therapy treatments). 

Privacy - By signing the consultation form you give permission to your therapist to hold records on you and your treatments.   All details are private and confidential between the client and the therapist.   Personal information will not be shared with any third parties. 


Therapist commitment - To work to the best of my ability for every client, and maintain professional working practices, including abiding by ethical policies of professional bodies.   ALL Therapies are personalised for each client’s individual needs to give maximum benefit.   Certain Treatments will require GP/Consultant permission prior to the treatment (this must be given in writing before treatment).  Your treatment is completely confidential.   All information is kept securely on file. 

Disclaimer - Always consult your GP or a healthcare professional for medical attention and advice. Your Therapist is not a qualified medical practitioner.  Client recognises and understands that all holistic therapies, massage, etheric (reiki, sound healing, yoga, meditation etc) therapies and other similar body-work treatments are therapeutic in nature and are NOT a substitute for medical examination or medical care, if in doubt visit a doctor.  Holistic and Complementary therapies are to be used alongside, rather than in place of conventional medical care.  All use of divinatory and oracle cards are for entertainment purposes only.

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