Body Liberation Coach
- Cara BIanca . White Path Yoga

I am here to support you and assist your healing

Cara offers you HOLISTIC HEALING assistance to assist your personal healing journey

Cara's specialist subjects of support include

- SKIN CONDITIONS such as Psoriasis
- FORCED BABY LOSS through abortion
- EMOTIONAL NEGLECT and childhood trauma 
- SOFT DRUG ADDICTION such as tobacco, marijuana
- FOOD ADDICTION and using food as a drug 
As a holistic therapist, I myself have also walked the same above journey and have healed

Your holistic healing package can include live guided personalised healing including  
- mindful movement practices
- self care rituals including self massage 
- holistic support and guidance 
- healthy holistic lifestyle guidance
- Positive thinking using daily practices and affirmations   
- Flower Essences that can help ease emotions 
- Sacred Dance practice is especially good for women suffering from low body confidence 
- energy healing and soul healing 

I hope to work with you soon, if you have been left behind, or there are 'gaps' to your personal care not being fulfilled by the HealthCare Services I can help 


- Counselling 
- Medical support 



My mind is clearer, the mental fog I have suffered with for
quite some time is lifting and I can see
glimpses of peace and happiness Sue, Belper

'I am more aware of my thoughts and emotions,
I feel totally refreshed after meditating'  Karen, Mansfield

Breath work and Meditation has helped me find my 
inner calm, I now come into this calmness
with greater ease, Thank you! Greg, Sutton

Suffering from panic attacks I had to get help
I find the meditations very powerful  and use them everyday
They are easy, do-able and WORK!  
thank you  Jane, Mansfield

A wonderful class! Full of great meditations and 
first class support and advice for finding true peace within
Diane, Glapwell