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Hello, I’m Cara Bianca, founder of wisewomanwisdom and creator of mandala gifting community, I’m here to share my holistic spiritual teachings and Yoga-Meditation lineage wisdom of over 25+ years with you!  I would like to share with you knowledge of healing success stories that you can use in your daily life with success too!


Are you ready to make big changes in your life? 

If yes, you’ve come to the right place, there is so much I want to share with you 

My 1:1 holistic treatments, classes, training, workshops and retreat opportunities are created with powerful content based on ancient wisdom and esoteric science.  

Allow me to be your holistic and spiritual guide. 

Feel free to visit my holistic wellbeing blog which has  amazing content for you to enjoy 

1:1 Sessions

Why not take some time out from your busy work-life schedule and get some serious quality you-time?

I have lots of nourishing affordable online 1:1 sessions available for you to book easily online


My HealingReset is an intensive deep heal for if you feel totally stuck and overwhelmed with your life.  Or do you need time to relax and unwind with a soothing Usui Reiki?  Or try spiritual colour healing with a Sacred Rays Mother Mary Healing?  Or you may be ready to dive deeper with a specialist healing session for Relationship Healing, Eating & Weightloss Support or Grief & Loss Healing Ceremony (an online 'Closing the Bones')

Cara can intuitively assist and deeply address and prescribe therapies and treatments essential for your next-step healing needs on all levels of your health: physical, mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual and soul level.  Cara is a fully qualified 'Complimentary Alternative Medicine, Movement, Dance & AcuMassage Practitioner' Yogic Pranic healer & Reiki Master Teacher IICT CERT.Ed



1:1 Yoga Meditation Qigong

Do you have any blockages in your life that need help dissolving?  things like physical issues such as joint pain, fibromyalgia or psoriasis? emotional issues such as anger, grief or fear? mental issues such as anxiety or depression or spiritual blocks such as releasing old outdated patterns or trauma you would like to release?

If YES Yoga is for you!  Yoga is scientifically proven to heal body and mind!  I prescribe 'Personal Practice Prescription' Yoga which will be guaranteed to shift energetic frequency if you commit to a 30 day practice for a minimum of 15 minutes a day and a regular support session of 1-4 per month with me is recommended also. 

I have been practicing and teaching Yoga, Movement Therapy and Yoga Lifestyle Philosophy for over 2 decades and would love to be your personal guide.  I myself have helped heal my own hereditary psoriasis, overeating disorder, confidence issues, anxiety and depression, and childhood emotional neglect with my own personal practice and can help you do the same!  I am a friendly yoga teacher.  My 1:1 sessions, classes & workshops are available online and include access to a Community Telegram Support Channel, the 'Mandala Community' 

Train with me your professional qualified YA Senior Yoga Teacher (SYT). 

I teach Hatha Yoga for physical wellness, Mantra Yoga (prescriptions to help Steady your mind), Ashtanga 8 Path Yoga & Raja Yoga (prescriptive yoga to strengthen the mental mind, will & helping you control your 'monkey mind' and create mental structure through yoga practice. mI also offer specialist Yoga for Trauma & PTSD Support, Chair Yoga for less flexible or elders, Healthy Back Yoga, Meditation & YogaNidra for mind relaxation.  With full Guru Lineage available on request.

Self Massage Instructor: Acupressure Reflex & Meridians

I offer 'Do-In' Self-Massage Workshops which are an essential part of daily Eastern, Yogic and Ayurvedic Self Care practice.  Learn easy routines with me live online with techniques rooted in the wisdom of Acupressure, Reflexology & Meridian Massage & Guasha for toxin release, lymph drainage, skin toning and anti-aging.  I also offer in-person seated Thai Massage and Cupping.  I can offer Chinese Face Diagnosis with all sessions online.  workshops in this subject are for home use Please find the 'Do-In' (Self Massage) 1:1 online 


All ONLINE bookings are UK GMT 

please check your time zone BEFORE BOOKING and BOOKING T&C


Plant Essences & Herbals

All Plant and Herbal Essences are hand crafted by Cara.

Homeopathic remedies can assist you on a physical, mental, energetic and deep soul level
Flower Remedy and Bach Flower Remedy can assist you on an emotional and energetic level.
Tissue Salts can assist to balance the entire body 
All can assist to Bringing balance to the body, mind and peace to your mind.

I also offer PLANT MEDICINE and CACAO CEREMONY (Kakaw Kotjiz, Cacao Offering Gift Ceremony) 

Cara is a fully qualified Homeopath, Herbalist, Tissue Salt Practitioner and Vibrational Flower Remedy Practitioner
Please feel free to message Cara if you would like to book in for a consultation 


Workshops, Tuition and IICT Approved verified Training Courses

My passion is Teaching!

Would you like to learn a new holistic healing skill and access 1:1 training with a professional Further Education Teacher at an affordable price?

Great! You're in the right place.  Im professional verified qualified international Cert.Ed Teacher with over 20 years  teaching experience in Holistic subjects.  Ive worked for Adult Education Centres, colleges, schools and universities and am a full Teacher/Practitioner member of the IICT, International Institute of Complimentary Therapies

I offer affordable practical and tailor-made internationally recognised verified training in the Holistic Arts, such as The White Path Training which includes all of the following: Reiki, Energy Healing, Vitalist Shamanic Healing Practice, Sound Healing Sacred Henna, Sacred Dance, Pendulum Dowsing, Self-Reflexology Course and more!  Or you can access each individual Diploma for either personal home use or Practitioner Level use. 

My courses have passed strict verification and assessments and are fully recognised internationally with easy access insurance for Practitioner Levels 2 and above. 

I teach privately for small groups and 1:1 online 

You can find out more FAQ HERE


Online Shop - Festival Stall 

Feel free to visit Cara wisewomanwisdom at her online shops, for herbs visit the webshop, for hand crafted metaphysical items visit MalalalaUK Etsy Shop

Visit the travelling Event & Festival Stall MalalalaUK, for more information on MalalalaUK Festival  CLICK HERE 


Holistic Tarot Oracle Reading

Do you need a help with an energy blockage in your life or huge life challenges you are facing? do you feel stuck and unable to move forward? 

I can assist you to see different perspectives to your situation, helping you to move forward with confidence, along with readings is help with small steps you can take to ease your current situation and find a way to equilibrium  

Henna Artistry

I am a travelling Sacred Body Artist & Body Art Teacher specialising in Natural Henna and 100% Safe Skin Dyes,


Please visit: Sacred Body Artist  About Henna & Skin Dyes, Wedding Henna Art  Belly Blessings, Sacred Henna Training, Henna Aftercare & Henna Drum Artist COMMISSIONS WELCOME 

Fully qualified and insured with full risk assessment -0ver 20 years Henna Experience

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You are in SAFE HANDS
IICT International School Of Complimentary Therapists
Verified Practitioner and Training School
Qualified Senior Yoga Teacher with over 5000hrs of Teaching Practice

IFL Accredited Teacher 

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